5 reasons why you should study at the SDS Sustainable Design School

If you are planning to study design in Nice, France and can’t make up your mind which school to choose,


Here are 5 reasons why you should study at the Sustainable Design School.

  1. The first sustainable school in France

    Actually starting by the name, you can get an idea of what this school is all about. It is the first sustainable school in France, and one of the very few around the world!

    Isn’t that awesome?!

    I mean if you really want to design the future, you need a school that has the right vision!


2. Highly skilled and very friendly stuff and teachers!

It is the energy that you feel upon your entrance, and immediately determines how great is to get in touch with these people.

I think the best way to understand what I am talking about is to just visit the school, and feel it for yourself.

Upon our visit, they were very helpful, provided us with all what we needed, and most importantly were always available and very easy to reach.


3. High level collaborations with companies and organizations

The most important thing for a student to think of before investing the money on education, is the outcome and if the return is secure or not.

Seems that The SDS thought about this well, and developed a highly advanced list of companies to collaborate with, even though the school is still very young!! this really reflects the motivation, hard work and dedication from the staff and founders.


4. The friendship and team spirit among the students

There is no doubt, competition is one of the motivations for improvement...

But when it is done for a higher social objective, it turns from an individual selfish urge for victory, to a kind necessity for the success of the whole group.

I didn’t notice any student left alone out of a circle, and the classes are just like big families discussing together things that matter to all the participants.

I think that is a direct result of the philosophy that the school adapts and was named for. Working for a Sustainable Future based on collective victory


5. It is Just few minutes away from the beach!!
Is there better than a dive after a long day at school?


Studying at a well recognized school is important, but who wants to spend five years living in a boring city??….


We can still mention 5 more, but let’s leave it to another blog!

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