@Grinto , where it all started!!

A stunning green area, in the middle of a national park, and just few km away from the city center of Turin, Italy.

When I decided to start the project, I needed three main things:

Money, a caravan, and somewhere to work on converting it into a design studio.

For the money part, I simply took two jobs. I was designing for a company during the day, and teaching at the university evening hours. So I used to work on the caravan from 10 pm, until my body can’t support me standing anymore, then I sleep few hours, and carry on the next day with the same routine.

By the way, including weekends and for around 15 consecutive months…

Before I buy the caravan, I needed to make sure I have a place to park and work on it. I started searching for solutions, but buying or renting a land with all facilities needed was way beyond my financial situation to support.

Then it came to my mind, “why not contact a camping site, and ask them to sponsor me.?”

The next day I search for a camping area on the map, found the name Grinto Urban Eco Village, took the first bus to Corso Trieste 94 , Moncalieri ( Turin - Italy ) , and there I arrive.


The first thing I saw when I arrived was a beautiful building, with dark brown wood beams holding big panoramic see-threw windows with a spacious restaurant inside and a welcoming reception.


I met Andrea Becchio. All I had to present to him was a website of the community I started few months before that day, and a lot of passion and dreams.

Andrea immediately explained to me that the project seems interesting but he needs a written email with all information so he can share with his partner Myriam Kunz and decide together.

Then he took me on a tour around the area. It is a very spacious and organised camp, full of grass and rabbits running around. All facilities were available, with very clean toilets, hot showers, free wifi, and a modern restaurant with delicious food. If you go there, I recommend you to try piazza with salsicia!!


I left full of happiness, I ran back to the university, and during the break, prepared a pdf with all information of the project. Remember, at that time, I had nothing but ideas… not even the three main things I needed. Not even the name Creavan….

So basically I presented to him, a dream without a name!

I was surprised with Andrea accepting soon after! I got so motivated and promised them to deliver. We did a small contract, signed, and I went to buy a caravan.


The original deal was that they would host me for only three months, after that the tour will start.

But that’s when things started to get challenging… You know usually dreams are full of flowers and sweets, while reality is ready waiting to punch you in the face.

I wasn’t able to make enough money, collaborations with companies and other sponsors did not go as planed, the caravan was very old and needed a lot of maintenance, and I ended up staying at the Grinto 8 full months!

I never heard from Myriam or Andrea any complaint. Instead they were providing me with anything I needed, even they gave me access to the warehouse and the tools allowing me to use whatever I needed. That is not to forget the one and only, the responsible of the warehouse Massimo that was available to help me in the restoration project of the caravan at anytime! (Regardless that he used to always make fun of me when I build something wrong)

I left the Grinto on November when grass turned white icy frozen, and I had one thing in mind:

“I broke our contract and delayed the Launching 5 months, and all I got from them was support and patience, so i am breaking it again, and promising them a long term gratefulness and collaboration.

I finally realised,

I just found myself a new family and home in Turin!

Thank you Andrea and Myriam for believing in me, and hope we meet again soon!

Myriam Kunz & Andrea Becchio

Grinto Urban Eco Village