Sunday 2.12.2018 @ 15:00 - Via Roma 104, Turin Italy


By the lens of Ludovico Giacobbe


By the lens of Dominico S. Lee

Press Release




Amor Ben

Founder at Cool Languages

If you don’t like the world as it is, let’s design a new one!

Martina Rapino

Makeup Artist

Was an amazing experience!


Giorgio Bergamini


 Designing a new SANTA

Creavan is a first step on our way of redesigning the human lifestyle.

We question every tradition and try to always create change to the better.

Santa Claus is no exception!!

We all know the origins of Santa Claus looks and outfit… It was created for a commercial reason and has no roots, what so ever, to the spirit of Christmas.

We believe that each of us can be a Santa by a small act of kindness, no matter what the outfit was.

We wanted to challenge our traditions once again, and try to create a more modern look for the Santa that we all Love.

And why not a SUPER HERO SANTA, inspired by the Incredibles!!