Into the wild

An adventure to find creativity, motivation & purpose

Designed specially for your team


We take your team on a 3 days caravan adventure to help them get inspired, find sources of creativity, & establish harmony among all the members.



Creativity, Critical thinking & problem solving

We challenge the participants in to Finding solutions using nature. We help them think like a designer by visualize problems in shapes and colors.



Hiking, meditation & story telling

We take them on long hikes, and stop by inspiring areas so that they can watch closely & understand their surrounding in order to find meaning & discover patterns.



Meals, music & dancing

The human connection is the most important thing to establish among a team. The best way to do so is though joy, trust & unconditional sharing of tiny spaces.


I am a design consultant with a strong background in education & innovation.

Since 2018, I have been traveling around Europe with my caravan to teach design, creative methods & sustainability.

The positive impact this journey had on my personal & professional life was outstanding.

Since then my mission became to give others the opportunity to experience it in their own way, & progress in their careers by setting their creativity free.


In France

1/4 of workers are hyper-stressed

1/2 are highly anxious

Your team members might be suffering of

  1. Lack of Autonomy

  2. Lack of Big Picture Visibility

  3. lack of Transparency


The goal of our caravan adventures is to help your team find



Tackle problems & find effective solutions

Every day in the work environment carries with it new challenges & problems to be solved, which require new solutions & strategies to tackle and overcome. But with your team running short on ideas, new streams of inspirations should be explored, & it often exist far from the comfort zone.



build solidarity among the teammates

Your team is like a music orchestra with each member fitting perfectly to the area of expertise and given the autonomy to control the outcome, following a general vision of the complete symphony. In order for the orchestra to function perfectly, members need to feel as a real family, & trust one another.



keep the team engaged & motivated

Some of the most important aspects for the loss of creativity, is why you have to be creative in the first place... Your team need to feel the importance of their individual positions, be part of the final success story, and always feel appreciated.


€14 Billion/year are spent by companies on Employee related programs worldwide.
Yet according to McKinsey,

70% Fail…


Top reasons:

  1. Lack of interest

  2. Information overload

  3. Relying on technology to do the work for them

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Each caravan can host 4 travelers.

Kitchen and bathroom available on board, in addition to a storage place for your luggage.

We make sure you can call it home!


All travel expenses including gas for the van, highway tolls & insurance are covered.

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Cross the road to discover a better way


be Nomad.

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