The project

We will be touring in caravans for 16 months, crossing a total of 24 European cities. We will camp in every city around two weeks, where our caravans will be transformed into a design studio. Our job will be to mentor university design students to work on several projects for renowned design studios and companies.

We will be posting on social media platforms all our activities and adventures for both educational and entertainment purposes.



Our main focus will be on four Design Programs

  1. Transportation / Automotive Design ( TAD )

  2. Fashion Design ( FD )

  3. Industrial Design ( ID )

  4. Interaction/ Graphic Design ( IGD )



Participants will learn from this workshop how to:

  1. Efficiently work under pressure

  2. Manage work in short period of time

  3. Create order out of chaos

  4. Think outside the box



  1. Thinking methods to push creativity beyond limits

  2. Tricks and techniques for using softwares in fast and effective ways

  3. Working in a team

  4. Getting Closer to nature.




Clean energy

Vertical gardening

Nomad lifestyle

Sharing & Mobility