Online ads are not enough to grow your business?

Promote, expand your network and generate leads, while traveling to different cities!!


Online platforms are over saturated with ads of products, services, companies etc.

All are trying every way possible to attract more users and convert them into customers.

CreavanⓇ travels around Europe with caravans organizing events.

We provide stands custom designed just for your company, next to and inside our caravans, in the heart of the city centers, so you can organize workshops, meet people, get their feedback in person and convert them into leads.


Trust us.

We've done it already many times in different cities

this way is much more efficient and sure!!


CreavanⓇ is a moving educational platform

We travel around cities with our caravans and organize events in the fields of Design and Sustainability. We are always delighted to work with universities and companies that share with us the same vision and mission.

The concept is to bring Education on the road, and promote this movement by organizing events in the heart of city centers, so that we can reach the maximum number of people in a short period of time. We also care to create a dialogue and generate leads through community building and warm direct relationships, instead of cold calling.

Thanks to the inspired and creative students that we had on board, we were able to successfully conduct many events, with a mission to spread the idea of Sustainability and get students involved in the transformation of our society into a more responsible and caring community.



More cities to come!!

We are planning to visit these cities several time during next 6 months

Turin,Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Barcelona,

Lyon, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwrep, Amsterdam