During the last two century, humanity faced a lot of devastating events, many of which was unfortunately very tragic, that changed the world to become what we know nowadays. This change affected the art industry, which itself reflected directly on the architecture, design and business fields.

Many cultural movements came out inspired or with a direct link to political or idealistic aspirations, but all had one message:


This was the result of centuries were art was used to communicate distinct views and beliefs , abiding by very specific rules, and with access to a limited group of people only.

And since at Creavan, and specifically during our first tour , we aim to challenge everything accepted by our generation, we decided to do a small experiment, inorder to ask few questions:

Is is true that within each person an artist deep inside?

Can anyone be an artist?

Is it possible to have collective yet stunning piece of Art?

For this reason we placed a white canvas in the center of Aix- En- Provence, France, and left people speak their own minds through painting.

You judge the outcome that will be posted in few days….

We would like to thank the municipality of Aix-En-Provence for their very kind welcoming and dedication in order to realize this event!

And also Solbian energy for the Sponsorship!