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Study. Design. Travel.


Creavan is an educational program that takes students on a very special nomadic adventure to study in different cities and schools, so they can discover what should their next professional career step be!



We plan everything, so you can enjoy a year like never before


Get ready for the Adventure!!

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Tribe A - course

Design & Sustainability

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A trip to better understand who you are and what your next step should be

Package includes 

  1. Camper van

  2. Schools fees

  3. Insurance

  4. Camping sites

  5. Gasoline coupons, Highway tolls


Students invest a lot of money on a masters course, with the hope that this will increase their chance of getting a job. But most of the time it is not the case, and students tend to choose the wrong city, or school to study at, that maybe won't provide them with the opportunities they are looking for.



Our main goal is to

  1. provide you with an educational experience worth the investment.

  2. give you access to a vibrant platform with a big international network.

  3. Choose the right school to study at.

  4. increase your chance of getting the dream Job.



We are sure that the adventure will be amazing!

But what you will gain from this experience of personal skills that will definitely shape you to a stronger person are outstanding!!

  1. Learn how to efficiently work under pressure

  2. Manage your work in short period of time

  3. Improve thinking methods to push creativity beyond limits

  4. Work in a team

  5. Create order out of chaos



Clean energy

Vertical gardening

Nomad lifestyle

Sharing & Mobility

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