Sustainable Talk




Rawad Abou Zaki

Founder @ Creavan


On the 18th of December 2o18, we were honored to be hosted at the “SDS” Sustainable Design School - Nice, France.

We conducted two types of activities:

A- Future Cities and Urban Design

Discussion with Rawad Abou Zaki.

In this discussion many important questions were raised , concerning the future of cities and human kind in general.

Rawad starts by presenting to the students what is Creavan and the reason he founded it.

Then he followed up by challenging them to answer some important questions that people don’t really take the time to think of.

Such as

  1. What is really sustainability and why do we need it?

  2. What is beauty and why it used to follow rules and now follows personal taste?

  3. How do you see the future, and what makes a vision certain?

  4. Why do we create, and how to impact?

  5. Who are nomads, and where are they in our future.

“ I am interested in what the students have to say more than their interest in me” Rawad continues ;” I needed to find a way to provoke their creativity, in order to start imagining a different reality than what they are always taught to do. To some extent I guess it was a success. I felt their positive energy and interest in what I am building. This to me is outstanding. Some even started designing the interior of the caravan without even asking them to, others left me gifts and notes for the tour! It was such a blessing!!”


Giada Giachino

Founder @ Giada Giachino Studio


B- Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry

Presentation by Giada Giacchino

As many concerns are raised concerning the moral and environmental ethics in the jewelry industry , Giachino investigates different business approaches to sustainability as a solution.

From the impact of diamond and gold mining to the labor exploitation and use of materials from endangered species, the lecture questions whether sustainability is more than a marketing tool for brands, and what are the future chances for a conscious understanding of jewelry.

Main topics raised during the presentation:

1. Sustainability in Jewelry DESIGN

2. Sustainability in Jewelry MARKET

3. Sustainability and innovation

4. Business models and marketing tools.

Giada Giachino founded her Studio in 2017, in London, UK. She holds an MA in Jewelry Design from Central Saint Martins. She is mainly interested in how Italian design and its millennial artisan tradition communicates in contemporary environment.


Camille AOUN

Head Of Development at The Sustainable Design School

I am very happy with the positive exchange!!



Director of International Academic Relations

We were enlightened about welcoming Rawad and his caravan on our campus at The Sustainable Design School/Cagnes sur Mer-Nice/France for one day on December 18, 2018. It was a kind of open-door event, where students, staff and teacher could step into the caravan and find out more about sustainability in the industrial world through mobility and sustainability in the Jewellery and Fashion industry.

His mission meets our vision on many levels: design is a main vector for a sustainable future; mobility across boarders demonstrates that we all are concerned about one planet, one humanity; communication is fundamental when it comes to spreading and developing sustainable ideas and social innovation.

Rawad’s action is not an individual funny thing. It’s disrupting from our current concepts, by being attractive and challenging at the same time: we step out of his van with questions in our heads, that we didn’t think about before, and with the motivation to be part of the crowd of people, who start, worldwide, to set sails, get on the road, walk ahead, think differently, demonstrate courage and nourish the re-construction of a better world.

Thank you Rawad, let’s keep in touch!”