Pl Lesseps

in front of the

Jaume Fuster Library

Gracia, Barcelona

After important public events in many cities like Turin and Nice, Creavan arrives in Barcelona!

On February 22, Creavan will open its doors to students and professionals to discuss the future of Design and Sustainability and how the electric revolution will impact cities and the job market, through a dedicated workshop day.

Rawad Abou Zaki, founder of Creavan, will start by introducing the topic according to his experience and explain the vision that led to the creation of Creavan , and how this initiative can dramatically influence the sustainable cities of the future . The presentation will then be followed by a space for group work then discussion among the participants and some special guests.

The activity will be held inside the Caravan (attention: limited places!) In three different sessions.

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The workshop is organized by Creavan in collaboration with

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