11-14 April 2019

Piazzale Cadorna, Milan (Italy)


From a human to a superhero!


After 1300 km crossed and 5 successful workshops around Europe, Creavan was honored to take part of the

Milan Design Week 2019


Since this event is a great achievement for the young Creavan project, we thought that there is no occasion better than this to speak about our philosophy in depth.

For this reason, during the design week, the Creavan opened its doors once again, and for only one day, for all the curious creatives out-there to have an exclusive look on the services we are launching, and the real reason Creavan was created, and what is the long term vision.

During the event we discussed the future of cities and mobility in a sustainable world, and how the technological advancement will allow the human kind to evolve into a new era of being, and experience the real meaning of freedom, and live like a superhero.

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Did you think Creavan is just a design studio traveling around to create workshops?

No no you are absolutely wrong…

Creavan was created from the beginning for a very clear mission

to help everyone


The new service we will be launching is a step towards giving everyone the opportunity to

live, design and travel.

This will change the world we know today.

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